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Our Mission

To map our suffering with thought and laughter -- this is the task we have set before ourselves. With these tools, we resist the darkness, and declare war on despair, the only true absurdity. "All things will be made new." Amen, and at each moment they are.

In this podcast, two old friends Tyler and Matthew chart the wastelands together. Their conversations move from deadly serious to absurdly funny and back again. Matthew and Tyler challenge conventional ways of thinking with philosophy, theology, and psychology, which they combine with their experience in technology and business.

Matthew Stanley

Matthew grew up in Sacramento CA, but currently lives in Bellingham WA with his wife Bethany. He studied philosophy in college, but has primarily worked with SaaS startups and products during his professional career. Outside of work hours, he is pursuing an MA in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis from GCAS College Dublin, and also launching an online micro-badging platform called Sash. He writes about philosophy at his blog Scrimshaw Collector and at his (free) Substack. If you'd like to dialogue with Matthew about a concept or problem you're looking to explore, you can sign up for his Socratric Services here.

Tyler Dumont

Tyler Dumont is a writer and social theorist living in Sacramento, California. Tyler is interested in the use of ideas across communities, and how ideology shapes the way beliefs, thoughts, signs, and symbols are used, appropriated, and effected, throughout the diaspora of human society. Specifically, Tyler seeks to understand how these intangibles influence and shape the real and tangible lives of individuals within a community. Tyler runs a brand development business while pursuing degrees in English and Philosophy. He plans to pursue further education through graduate studies in Sociology with an emphasis in Critical Theory.